The Office US Named The Funniest Sitcom According To Science

Michael Scott laughing
Credit: NBC

Well, duh. Yes, there may be some tough competition, but for many it seems obvious that The Office is the funniest sitcom to ever exist! The US version of the comedy may have ended over seven years, it has still remained a fan favorite. And rightly so, there are too many moments to even count that left us crying with laughter. But now science has actually proven that The Office is the funniest sitcom!

Research was carried out by, where they took 120 people and made them binge watch the ten most popular sitcoms in the world. While the sample watched each show, they recorded the duration of laughter, which was measured in decibels to calculate how much laughter each show generated. While there may be some surprises, it is no shock that The Office topped the list!

The office on netfix
Credit: Netflix
Here is the list of shows and the amount of laughter per hour:
  1. The Office (US) – 1min 45 sec
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 1min 38 sec
  3. Community – 1min 13 sec
  4. Parks and Recreation – 56 sec
  5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – 55 sec
  6. Arrested Development – 52 sec
  7. Friends – 32 sec
  8. How I Met Your Mother – 24 sec
  9. Two and a Half Men – 10 sec
  10. The Big Bang Theory – 6 sec

Brooklyn Nine-Nine came in second with 1 minute and 38 seconds of laughter. Another favorite mockumentary Parks and Recreation also made the list, hitting the number four spot. Surprisingly, two of the biggest budget comedies were further down the list. Friends racked up only 32 seconds, with The Big Bang Theory proving to not be very funny with just 6 seconds of laughter in an hour! Participants of the research actually described the show as ‘occasionally annoying’. No way!

Michael Scott laughing
Credit: NBC

The research sample also highlighted which season of The Office was the best and worst. Season 3 generated the most laughter from participants while it’s not surprising that Season 8 received the least. With Michael Scoot leaving at the end of Season 7, the sitcom struggled a little. Die hard fans will argue that Season 8 and 9 complete the series, but many with that Steve Carell seen it through to the end. 

We also can’t forget that the sample has missed out on shows that should have made the research study. We are shocked to see that Modern Family did not make the cut. Phil Dunphy is literally the same person as Michael Scott!