The Worst Office Episodes According To IMDb

Andy and Erin in the office
Credit: NBC

Fans of The Office will have a ton of episodes they love and rewatch constantly. From Stress Relief to The Dundies, there are too many episodes that we could watch on repeat forever. But what are the worst episodes of the mockumentary? Check out what IMDb users have rated the worst episodes…

Get the Girl – IMDb rating 6.5

“Andy goes to Tallahassee to tell Erin that he loves her and needs her to return to Scranton. Meanwhile, Nellie shows up in Scranton and tries to claim Andy’s manager position by offering everyone raises”. 

Nellie from the office
Credit: NBC

If we’re honest, we can see why this is the worst rated episode of all time! As you will notice with this list, the majority of episodes include Andy and Nellie, probably two of the most hated characters on the show. When Michael left, people felt season 8 lost it’s touch, and we agree. Andy manages to irritate a lot of people in this episode. And we can’t forget one of the worst green screens ever! 

The Banker – IMDb rating 6.8 

“A banker representing a potential buyer comes to the Scranton branch to interview the H.R. department before the sale goes through”. 

The banker episode
Credit: NBC

Nobody really likes a flashback episode. While they are a great reminder of what has previously happened in the show, it usually feels like a wasted 20 minutes that could have included a new storyline. Thank God they only did the one!

Gettysburg – IMDb rating 6.8 

“Andy decides to motivate and inspire everyone by taking them on a field trip to Gettysburg. Some people in the office stay behind and Robert California asks them to come up with Dunder Mifflin/Sabre’s next big idea”. 

Gabe as Abraham Lincoln
Credit: NBC

Episodes outside of the office are usually a smash hit, but Office fans really aren’t don’t love this one. It’s what happens back at Dunder Mifflin that saves this episode. Kevin is the highlight of Gettysburg, as Robert California thinks he’s a genius after telling the meeting about his ‘cookie’ idea. The resemblance of Gabe and Abraham Lincoln is also terrifying! 

Welcome Party – IMDb rating 7

“Andy tries to break up with his girlfriend after going to Florida to declare his love for Erin, and the office employees are forced against their will to throw a party for the hated Nellie”. 

Andy and Erin in the office
Credit: NBC

Wow, people really aren’t a fan of Andy’s and Erins relationship. Two of the most important episodes regarding their romance has hit the bottom of the list. This time, Andy ruins the mood as he tells Jessica he has moved on, which ends in disaster. We also feel really sorry for Nellie, as Welcome Party seems to turn her character around. We’re so thankful Jim had a change of heart!

Angry Andy – IMDb rating 7

“Andy and Erin return to Dunder Mifflin, only to discover that Nellie has taken his job and office and refuses to give them up. Meanwhile, Ryan becomes jealous after Pam tries to play matchmaker for Kelly”. 

Credit: NBC

No surprise that another episode hitting the list focuses on Andy and his relationship with Erin. It’s crazy to think that Andy remained manager after this debacle. Angry Andy also includes the most toxic relationship of any sitcom, Ryan and Kelly. His attempts to impress would not work on us!

Fundraiser – IMDb rating 7 

“Andy confronts Robert for the first time after losing the manager position and quitting his job at a fund raiser sponsored by Angela’s husband”. 

Andy with lots of dogs
Credit: NBC

A pretty forgettable episode, and proving again why many people dislike Andy. His erratic personality really stands out in Fundraiser, as the office worry what he will do. The only moments worth mentioning are the fact that Dwight doesn’t know how an auction works! And of course, watching Nellie eat a taco is amazing. We’re just glad that Kevin’s dog is actually alive!