The Worst Stranger Things Episodes According To IMDb

The ST cast
Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things is one of the best shows on Netflix, never mind one of the greatest series to ever grace our televisions. The sci-fi series has proven an extremely popular hit for the streaming service, with a fourth season currently in production. But while Stranger Things as a whole is an amazing show, which episodes are deemed to be the worst? Check out how IMDb rates the worst episodes… 

Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister (2017) – IMDb Rating 6.1 

“Psychic visions draw Eleven to a band of violent outcasts and an angry girl with a shadowy past”. 

Eleven in stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Making the top of the list is the episode which received a ton of mixed reviews. While everyone loved that Eleven got her own ‘side story’, many felt that The Lost Sister was just used as a filler episode. Even worse, fans of the retro series recommend viewers to skip this episode entirely. You can’t win everything. 

Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy? (2019) – IMDb rating 7.9

“Summer brings new jobs and budding romance. But the mood shifts when Dustin’s radio picks up a Russian broadcast, and Will senses something is wrong”. 

Billy in ST
Credit: Netflix

The beginning of Season 3 seems to have made the list for a number of reasons. Fans felt like each character had dramatically changed with no explanation. While each season does see a slight time jump, for many, it felt ‘a little off’. Users also describe the episode as a little too ‘romantic’, as the light hearted episode introduces everyone back into play, rather than past ‘darker episodes’. 

Chapter Two: The Mall Rats (2019) – IMDb rating 8.0

“Nancy and Jonathan follow a lead, Steve and Robin sign on to a secret mission, and Max and Eleven go shopping. A rattled Billy has troubling visions”. 

Eleven and max in stranger thing
Credit: Netflix

The second episode of Season 3 is also greeted with a little critique from fans. While many were a fan of watching Eleven goof around and learn who she is with fashion, others believe that storylines like this were just used to fill a gap. One person even wrote ‘It was like a unfunny sitcom. The shopping scenes were so cringe!’. Thankfully, the rest of the season picks up!

Chapter One: MADMAX (2017) – IMDb rating 8.3

“As the town preps for Halloween, a high-scoring rival shakes things up at the arcade, and a skeptical Hopper inspects a field of rotting pumpkins”.

The boys of ST
Credit: Netflix

A lot of anticipation rested on this episode. With Season 1 proving such a hit, fans were eagerly waiting to see whether Season 2 would be the same. While as a whole it didn’t disappoint, many felt the first episode lacked anything interesting. With little horror or action scenes, MADMAX fell a little flat. 

Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak (2017) – IMDb rating 8.4 

“After Will sees something terrible on trick-or-treat night, Mike wonders whether Eleven’s still out there. Nancy wrestles with the truth about Barb”. 

Eleven in ST
Credit: Netflix

There seems to be a running theme with the type of episodes that have made the bottom of the list. Many users felt like the Halloween themed episode, while fun to watch, prolonged the real action of the series. Sadly, season 2 had the most negative reviews yet is the most popular Netflix season! What do you think? Do you agree with the list? 

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