Aubrey Plaza Hints at Potential Parks and Rec Movie

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It’s always the case. Some of our favorite shows end, leaving millions of us heartbroken. There are some sitcoms that we wish could continue forever. The Office, Modern Family, and of course, Parks and Recreation, are just some of the comedies that have brought us so much joy. So when they end, it leaves us feeling empty. This leads fans to push for reunions, more episodes or even a potential movie. And in the case of Parks and Rec, this could actually be happening!

The series may have ended 5 years ago, but it hasn’t stopped the world from talking about another Parks and Rec project coming our way. Not only are the fans desperate for more, but the cast has even suggested they would be up to bring it back. We reported recently that the Parks and Rec team were in talks to reboot the show for another season. Amy Poehler and Michael Schur have both spoken out on the future of the show and how they would love to bring it back. Poehler has even suggested that plans are there, it’s just a scheduling issue. And now, Aubrey Plaza has caused more of a stir!

The parks and rec cast
Credit: NBC

Aubrey Plaza weighed in on the beloved NBC sitcom coming back. While promoting her movie Blackbear, the actress was asked about the possibility of a Parks and Rec movie. Talking to Buzzfeed, Plaza said she had “no idea”.

But don’t be disappointed, she continued:

“Are we done with Parks & Rec? No. Will there be a movie? Yes. Do I know this for sure? No”.

While Plaza didn’t give much away, it does add fuel to the fire that Parks and Rec will be coming back in some form. With the cast eager to reunite again, it seems there’s no doubt Parks and Recreation will be revived. It just seems a case of when and how. A movie seems like a popular choice by the fans and cast alike. In early 2020, the cast reunited for a socially distanced episode, with the special raising money for Feeding America. Fans loved seeing the gang back together, with calls for the show to be brought back for good. According to Plaza, there will be a movie (kind of). While we don’t want to get our hopes up for a potential Parks and Rec movie, this does sound promising! Make it happen NBC!

Credit: NBC

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