Jenna Fischer Reveals Jim Asking Pam Out Was Actually CUT

Pam in The Job
Credit: NBC

The Season 3 finale could be said to be one of the best episodes of The Office. For three whole seasons, fans of the sitcom waited to see Jim and Pam finally make it official. Their romance sure didn’t set off on the right foot. Roy and Karen were just a few obstacles for the pair to overcome. And finally, ‘The Job‘ offers us a glimpse into their blossoming relationship when Jim asks Pam out on a date. But there was a whole other story that was intended to be included in the episode that was CUT…

Jenna Fischer recently revealed that The Job was going to end very differently. As viewers will know, Jim leaves his interview early to head back to the Scranton branch. Pam is talking to the cameras, as the receptionist reveals that she is fine with how things have ended up. This is when Jim interrupts, asking Pam out to dinner, sparking the relationship that fans still adore to this day. According to Fischer, there was another ending that was filmed for the episode…

Jim in his interview
Credit: NBC
Talking to The Office Ladies Podcast she shares with Angela Kinsey, Fischer said:

“So in the second version, you hear a voiceover of Jim throwing his interview with David. But it’s even more. It’s like he’s really cracking jokes. He’s not taking it seriously at all, to the point that David actually says, ‘Do you even want this job?’. Meanwhile, while all that’s happening, you see Pam leaving for the day. She doesn’t do a talking head“.

Fischer continues:

She’s just leaving for the day. She gets in the elevator, she goes down the elevator, and then when the elevator doors open, Jim is standing there and she says, ‘You’re back’. And he says, ‘Yeah, do you want to go to dinner?’ And Pam says, ‘Yeah, I do’. She walks out of the elevator and Jim pushes the camera back into the elevator. And as the doors are closing, they walk off together and he puts his arm around her and they smile at each other”.

This has come as a massive shock to many, as the original scene is one of the most iconic in the mockumentary. Fans are now confused as they feel the cut scene would have also been perfect to set off their relationship. Fischer revealed that the scene was considered as an option for quite some time, until they decided on the talking head scene. With the scene still existing, could NBC releases the deleted scene in future? Because that would be amazing!

Jim and Pam
Credit: NBC