Netflix Tests Audio-Only Feature

Netflix on a phone
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We all have to agree on one thing. And that is that Netflix saved us from boredom in 2020. Millions of us were told to stay indoors, with months of nothing much to do other than endlessly stream TV shows and movies. And while there are tons of us who like to give Netflix our full attention, others are now using the streaming service as ‘background noise’. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company…

Netflix is working on an audio-only listening mode for people who use the app. The beta test has currently been rolled out to a select number of Android users. People have started to see a ‘Video Off’ function, which allows users to turn the video off, leaving just the audio playing. It’s kind of like a Netflix podcast…

Would you use the new feature?

A number of subscribers have been trialing the new feature for a number of months. Android Police first spotted the test back in October, and now users are finally getting a taste of the new tool. The audio-only functionality is set to roll out to more users around the world in the coming months. The new Audio Only setting even has the ability to switch between Always On, External Speakers, Headphones, or off.

This comes as a new generation has changed the way the entertainment industry offers content. The digital generation now consumes content differently. With the world’s pace faster than ever, listening to a series or movie makes sense. With this being said, Netflix has already been called out over its Audio-Only feature. Many are suggesting that the company prioritizes ‘user convenience over creator intent’. While the function will be brilliant for easy-watch series, shows such as The Umbrella Academy need a little more focus. What do you think?

Netflix on screen
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Audio-Only isn’t the only feature Netflix has rested recently. The company have also been rolling out a Top 50 list, highlighting what users have been loving.