Office Fans Can Now Buy Pam’s Comic Book to Jim

Pam in Classy Christmas
Credit: NBC

Christmas gifts are hard for us all. And Pam in The Office was no exception to that. And can you believe the show is now giving us gift inspiration years after the series ended? Fans of The Office can now get this hand on the homemade comic book Pam created for Jim, as she struggles to think of something original and unique to buy for Jim in the holidays. Viewers have never got a glimpse of what is included in the office comic book, and now we can get our hands on our very own.

The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert is now available to pre-order on Dunder Mifflin Paper. Fans of the comedy will know the comic book is featured in Classy Christmas. In the season 7 episode, Pam is determined to gift Jim with a gift like no other. Pam suggests that it has taken her one whole year to create the masterpiece, a personalized comic book featuring Jim as a superhero. The comic book sees Jim bitten by a radioactive bear, with some chaotic events occurring. And not forgetting that characters such as Dwight and Kevin feature in the comic book!

The comic book
Credit: Dunder Mifflin Paper

Jim as a Superhero is EPIC!

Dunder Mifflin Paper has offered a little insight into what fans will see if they purchase the full comic book. It’s amazing to see the story that features in the comic book. The imagery stays true to the characters in The Office. As you can see, Jim starts to feel ill while working. Dwight is the first to pick up on Jim’s change in behavior, stating “You don’t look well, Jim”. It feels so real, it’d like imagining a supernatural version of the mockumentary!

The comic book couldn’t have come at a better time if you are a little stuck on gift ideas this year. The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert is perfect for any lover of The Office. And not forgetting there is a ton of other Office themed gifts that are available. Games such as The Office UNO, The Office Murder Mystery, and The Office themed jigsaw puzzles are a great stocking filler. We also can’t forget the other books availble that Office fans have been seriously loving. There’s an Office recipe book which means fans can recreate the famous Dinner Party episode. And not forgetting The Office kid’s book that has smashed records in 2020! We need a budget for everything office themed we want for Christmas!

Jim featuring in his comic book
Credit: Dunder Mifflin Paper

With The Office heading over to Peacock, now is as good of a time as ever to stock up on all The Office goodies you can. The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert is another great addition to add to your collection!