There’s an Office Downsizing Party Game?!

The office game
Credit: Entertainment Earth

Our obsession for The Office never seems to end. While the sitcom ended a number of years ago, we just can’t seem to get enough of the mockumentary that made history! While no new episodes have dropped since The Office ended in 2013 (we’re still holding out), we have found other sources of entertainment. Of course, many of us still enjoy binge watching the show, as we refuse to start anything new. But fans have also been enjoying playing games dedicated and themed around the show. And this latest one is certain to have fans flocking to buy it!

The Office Downsizing Party Game is the latest game that Office fans are going to love! A huge part of the series actually focuses on how Dunder Mifflin operates, with Michael Scott making difficult business choices. From Sabre taking over, to choosing who to let go of, Scott has to deal with some downsizing himself. And now, we can step into his shoes with this game!

Entertainment Earth describes the game as so:

“Oh, it is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn. Huh? It’s a game of workplace survival! Michael hears that everyone from the Scranton branch will be laid off at the end of the week, but some employees from the branch will be promoted to corporate post-layoff. To Michael that means if he can find out who’s going to be promoted he can fire them first, he’ll get promoted and he’ll save the Scranton crew from being laid off. What a guy! The Office Downsizing Party Quiz Game Is great for fans of the hit TV series. For 5 to 10 players. Ages 16 and up.”

As described above, this is a game that involves your friends and family, as it needs at least 5 people to participate. This is definitely one for major office fans, as the game involves taking on a character. Players will have to role-play someone from the show, assuming their persona for the entire game. Not only is this game entertaining, but there will be plenty of laughs along the way. Imagine your uncle taking on Dwight’s character, just amazing!

The office downsizing game
Credit: Entertainment Earth

The Office Downsizing game is available here. Check out The Office UNO game that everyone is also loving!