This Office Deepfake Turns Everyone Into Dwight Schrute

Dwight as Michael in the office
Credit: YouTube

Deepfakes have been making the rounds for a number of years. And while some just aren’t that great, others are epic. And this one is seriously amazing! Someone has created a deepfake, where Dwight K. Schrute has been transformed into each character on the show. Dwight is an icon, so seeing him take hold of other characters in the mockumentary is so cool!

‘The Office but Everyone is Dwight’ is both fantastic yet terrifying. Seeing Dwight take on characters such as Kevin Malone, Michael Scott and Kelly Kapoor is insane. We must say though, seeing Dwight as Jim is actually quite disturbing! It kind of reminds us when Dwight uses a bunch of wigs to disguise himself as his coworkers!

YouTuber Jesse Richards created the video, posting:

“What if everyone in the office looked like Dwight Schrute? How weird would everyone look with the glasses and small mouth? Lets find out”.

And the deepfake is perfect! Fans are loving seeing one of their favorite office characters take on the rest of the cast. And this feels like the perfect video, as fans are gutted that the series is leaving Netflix in just a couple of weeks time. There’s also been a lot of speculation on whether The Office cast is going to reunite…

The Office remains one of the most popular shows on the planet. With millions adoring the comedy, even years after the final season aired, people are calling for the show to be brought back. But the creators seem to be in agreement that they want to get it right. Greg Daniels has said: “I think that the talk really came up when they did Will and Grace. They rebooted that show. But I don’t think that we would either be able to get all the cast together, because a lot of them are doing different things”. Ricky Gervais also stated that he doesn’t believe The Office could be made in today’s age. With this being said, what would the perfect reunion look like? Or would fans want a reboot?

Fans will soon have to head to Peacock to watch The Office. It seems many people have gone old school, purchasing the boxset to ensure they can binge their comfort show at any time. At least we have this deepfake to get us through losing the sitcom on Netflix!