A New Comedy Series is Coming From The People Behind B99

Jake and terry with rosa in the back
Credit: NBC; Fox

If you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then we have no doubt you are about to be excited by this news! The creators of the cop comedy are collaborating again for a brand new NBC comedy series. Dan Goor and Phil Augusta Jackson are back doing what they do best, and with the success of B99, we have no doubt that their new project will be just as amazing!

The Wrap recently reported the news that ‘Grand Crew’ will be on its way to us all. Goor and Jackson have created the comedy series, which follows a bunch of friends “unpacking the ups and downs of life and love at a wine bar”. Justin Cunningham, Carl Tart, Echo Kellum, and Aaron Jennings have already been cast, with Nicole Byer also starring in the show.

The b99 cast with the creators of the show
Credit: Golden Globes
It sounds like we have a ton of new content heading our way!

Not only is NBC working on Grand Crew, but the network also has a ton of new pilots coming soon. NBC has said they want to ‘seek out talented storytellers who have a strong point of view. While these shows are very different thematically, what they have in common is a unique voice, excellent world-building, and compelling storytelling. We can’t wait to share them with TV fans everywhere’. Not only will an engaging story be shown through new shows, but it seems comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to change the narrative…

Captain Holt actor Andre Braugher has recently suggested that upcoming season 8 will be groundbreaking. The Black Lives Matter movement caused the writers on the show to change how the police force is represented. B99 is set to include realistic stories in future, while remaining a light-hearted series. Braugher also said:

Cops breaking the law to quote, ‘defend the law,’ is a real terrible slippery slope. It has given license to the breaking of law everywhere, justified it and excused it. That’s something that we’re going to have to collectively address — all cop shows”.

Credit: NBC; Fox

We can’t wait to see the B99 producers create another 10/10 show (we hope anyway). Exciting content coming in 2021 is just what we need!