Andy Buckley Reveals What David Wallace Would Be Doing Now

David Wallace with his Suck It jumper on
Credit: NBC

Our love for The Office never seems to die. Millions of us are desperate for a reunion or revival of some kind. And while we may be waiting a little while longer for that to happen, it’s great to see that some of our favorite characters are still keeping the show alive. From The Office Ladies podcast to celebrity interviews, The Office is on the lips of us all still. And Andy Buckley, who plays David Wallace in the hit sitcom, has revealed what the big boss would be up to in 2021!

The actor recently spoke to Comic Book, as Buckley spoke about his character on the mockumentary. While talking about The Office, he suggested what he thought David Wallace would be up to in the current day. David Wallace’s journey throughout the nine seasons is pretty crazy. In the first seasons, we see Wallace as the CFO of Dunder Mifflin (with predictions that the boss was on $400,000 a year!). David Wallace then goes on to create an invention that makes him a very tidy sum. When Dunder Mifflin is in trouble, Andy then persuades the entrepreneur to invest some of his money back into the paper company. So what would he be up to now?

David Wallace singing Suck It
Credit: NBC

Here’s what Andy Buckley said:

“He’d be relaxing with his 20 million bucks, come on. He would have bought some Apple shares with it and he’d be calling. He and Teddy probably have a recording studio and they’re gonna do, you know, ‘Suck It’ 2.0. In the interview, Buckley then pulled out his ‘Suck It’ t-shirt saying, “you know, we’re gonna break out the old ‘Suck It’ sweatshirt, come on… I’m a fan, you know.

The actor continued to suggest what his favorite moment was:

“I guess it’s getting to sing the ‘Suck It’ song, sitting in the hot tub with Steve [Carell], drinking, you know, Yuengling as you know, which is the big Pennsylvania beer. You know, I mean, I guess that was sort of it. The Michael Scott Paper Company negotiation was a ton of fun. ‘I mean, we’re talking about a multi-million dollar buyout here. Your company cannot be worth that much'”.

David Wallace in his office
Credit: NBC

We love the insight into what David Wallace could potentially be up to in 2021. It seems we really can’t get enough of The Office, with fans gutted that it has left Netflix. Has everyone been loving binging the show on Peacock though?