Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hiatus Extended Further

The b99 cast
Credit: NBC; Fox

Many of us thought 2020 would be the end of bad news for us all. The entertainment industry has taken a huge hit, with cinema releases pushed back indefinitely and filming content proving a huge problem due to safety reasons. While some projects have managed to resume, other tv-series and movies haven’t been able to shoot new scenes. And there are some projects that are extending their hiatus for quite some time yet!

Universal Television is prolonging their hiatus for a ton of their Los Angeles based shows. LA has seen a recent surge in Coronavirus cases, with the pandemic worsening in certain states. This has meant that new seasons cannot be filmed until cases start to drop. NCIS, Shameless and Mom have all taken the decision to delay filming. And shockingly, the much antipated new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been pushed back further…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Credit: NBC; Fox

A recent letter from Public Health has advised the film and TV industry to halt productions as LA has seen a huge surge in cases. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ecpected to resume filming in the next coming weeks. If the problem worsens, the cop comedy could be seeing further push backs. Fans of the series are gutted that filming for B99 is starting at a later date. The sitcom faced some controversy in 2020, causing the show to rethink future episodes. And we may be waiting a bit longer to see a different version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine…

Andy Samberg recently suggested that:

The challenge is going to be being honest about what is going on in the world and not shying away from the fact that there are serious problems, and also not punishing viewers who like our show and care about our characters. Our characters need to examine their roles in the world. They’re going to be forced to look in the mirror and see who they’re complicit with. I think it’s important for us and for anyone watching our show to keep in mind if we’re looking for a half-hour comedy show to be the ones to solve this problem, we’re in trouble. Our job is pointing out that stuff isn’t getting done right and spreading the word that we’re hopeful that it can get better”.

Credit: NBC; Fox

New episodes are set to take a more accurate look into the police force. And while Brooklyn Nine-Nine will always have comedy at its heart, there will also be a focus on the negative side…