Data Shows The Office Has More Viewership on Peacock Compared to Netflix

Season 1 of The Office
Credit: NBC

Will we ever not love The Office? The answer to that will always be no. If anything, our admiration has grown stronger as the years have progressed. The series may have ended a number of years ago, but it still hasn’t stopped our obsession. Millions mourned the loss of The Office, as it was announced that after years of streaming all 9 seasons, Netflix would no longer be hosting the comedy. Instead, it would be exclusively streaming on Peacock, a new service run by NBC. And it seems The Office is doing better than ever in 2021…

Dunder Mifflin’s new location has proven to be an amazing decision, as fans have flocked to watch the series, alongside deleted and never-before-seen content. The streaming service also provided playlists, which would feature the best pranks or the best romances. Peacock also gave superfans the opportunity to view extended cuts of episodes, meaning millions have now seen some new and exciting clips from the show that have never aired.

The office cast holding awards
Credit: Newsweek

So what does this mean?

Before The Office made the switchover, it seems fans binged the show while they could on Netflix. So much so that over a billion minutes of viewing occurred happened between December 7th to the 13th! This sudden panic watching could also be the reason why The Office become the most-watched show in the world in 2020, with over 57 billion minutes watched over the entire year. While many were hesitant to make the move over to Peacock to ensure their Office addiction would be cured, it seems Peacock is growing incredibly!

Statistics from Reelgood suggests that The Office has been streamed even more on Peacock then it has in comparison to the same time period on Netflix. Data shows that users streaming The Office has increased by 9.2% in the first week of January, beating The Mandalorian and Bridgerton. Peacock also offers different levels of sunsciptions, all which have seen a surge in users. Peacock Free has grew by 17% in the second week on January, while Peacock Premium has grew by 5%.

Andy as manager
Credit: NBC

So there we have it. The move over to Peacock was a very smart one. And while Netflix might be gutted with this decision, fans and Peacock alike are reaping the rewards!