Disney’s Soul Beats The Office in Streaming Battle

The office and soul
Credit: NBC, Disney

We are in shock. We didn’t think there could be anything that would beat The Office, but here we are. Over the past year or so, the love for The Office seems to have only grown. With the pandemic forcing people to fall in love with streaming and entertaining services, The Office provided a comfort blanket for many who needed cheering up in these darks times. While The Office has always been a favorite series to many people, it’s audience grew even larger. We recently reported that the sitcom became the most streamed piece of content in 2020 on any platform. And while it remains the king of streaming, a new entry has shaken things up a bit…

Pixar’s Soul recently dropped on Disney+. With cinemas still shut for the foreseeable, many movies have headed straight to streaming. While many feared this wouldn’t pull in the type of numbers we see in theatres, it has in fact proven an amazing strategy for Disney. Deadline has reported that Soul topped Nielsen’s streaming rankings between December 21st to 27th. This means the movie became of the Christmas hit of the year. It was that popular, that it knocked The Office off the top list!

Pixar's Soul
Credit: Disney

Soul vs. The Office – who will win!

In the last full week of 2020, The Office racked up an impressive 1.435 billion minutes of streamed content. But sadly, Soul managed to pip them to the top, with over 1.669 billion minutes of viewing in 7 days. This is also during the same time The Office was transitioning from Netflix to Peacock, so an amazing triumph by Disney to hit number one. Soul also managed to beat The Mandalorian and Bridgerton, two series that have gained a huge following in recent times.

Soul has, of course, had a little help in making it to the number one spot and knocking The Office off the rankings for a time. Soul appeals to a rang of audiences, and with Disney+ still expanding its catalog of content, a brand new movie can gain a lot of attention. Disney+ subscribers could also watch the movie without paying extra, a controversial move made by the company when Mulan hit the platform last year.

The Office
Credit: NBC

We’re sure The Office will gain the title back in no time. After moving to Peacock, it seems the show has been adored even more (who knew that was possible). With unseen footage unearthed while on Peacock, fans are obsessed with seeing what has been deleted from the series.