Greg Daniels Shows Interest in Creating Office Reboot

Greg daniels with jim and pam
Credit: NBC

An Office reboot. We all want one. Fans of the comedy have been begging for one since the show left the air in 2013. And sometimes, it can be done perfectly. Whether it be a one-off special or a revival like Will and Grace, fans are always wanting to see more of their favorite characters. But not always does a series comeback and please fans. Finding that perfect balance is what every creator wants to get right. Which is why it can take years for a reboot to take place. With The Office recently moving platforms, from Netflix to Peacock, it left many wondering if there is something happening to mark the occasion. Will a reboot happen anytime? Well not for a while due to a lot of reasons. But don’t be disheartened, as Greg Daniels has spoken about his interest…

An obvious reason for why we won’t get a reboot soon? Well, the coronavirus pandemic is a big one. Filming schedules are still adjusting to the issue, with shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine still delayed. But more factors have been brought into play for why The Office Reboot might be some time (yet very likely). Greg Daniels has created a ton of shows since The Office left our screens, including Netflix’s Space Force and Amazon Prime’s Upload, meaning his schedule is pretty booked up for the time being. But Daniels has suggested that despite being busy, a reboot would be great!

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When asked about any developments on a potential reboot, Daniels said:

“No but it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible for sure. I would want to be involved, and I’ve got two other shows I’m working on right now”.

And a reboot is still possible without Daniels included. Paul Lieberstein actually ran season 5 to 8, so if Greg Daniels is super busy, there’s potential for a reboot to go ahead without him. But Office fans arent going to like what we are going to say next. While John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson, along with a number of other cast members, excited to bring the gang back together in one way or another, Steve Carell believes reviving Michael Scott would not for a good idea. The iconic character ran for 7 seasons, but Carell thinks it wouldn’t be right to bring him back. Say what?! Carell also recently stated that he didn’t want to return to the final episode of The Office. We sincerely hope he changes his mind!

The office finale
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This comes as fans are still waiting to see when Uncle Stan, the Stanley Hudson spin-off show, will be brought to us. It’s all exciting – let’s hope 2021 promises some new Office projects!