Millie Bobby Brown Spotted Filming S4 With New Cast Members

Eleven in stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Filming for the Netflix Original looks to be in full swing. With the pandemic pushing production back for six months, the sci-fi series had to make do with the situation. While the delay may have been a blessing in disguise, with some of the cast and crew announcing that the scripts are even better, it meant that fans had longer to wait for the newest season of Stranger Things. Shooting started at the end of September, with scenes still being shot now. Some exciting news for fans though – more cast members have been spotted filming!

Millie Bobby Brown has been spotted filming for Season 4 of Stranger Things, as the actress can be seen hiding under an umbrella on set. People are desperate to know what’s to come in future episodes, with Brown’s spotting fuelling the fire. The British actress plays Eleven, and by the image, it seems her trusty hospital gown is making an appearance. Can this girl not catch a break!

Millie Bobby Brown
Credit: Daily Mail

The actress was spotted shooting with Matthew Modine and Jamie Campbell Bower. The cast is back in Atlanta, filming more scenes for the show that we have waited nearly 2 years for! Campbell Bower is a new addition to the Stranger Things family, appearing in huge franchises such as Harry Potter and Twilight. Matthew Modine is back, after last appearing on the Netflix series in season 2. Who is betting Season 4 will be an emotional rollercoaster?

We wonder who the new cast will be playing?

Robert Englund will also be joining the cast, best known for playing Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Season 3 finale left millions with a ton of unanswered questions. With the teaser trailer ensuring us that Hopper is in fact alive, many have guessed what Season 4 will entail. There have been some wild suggestions on Reddit that Hopper could actually be a clone. And while we think that is a little crazy, should we really put it past the Duffer Brothers! There have also been rumors that David Harbour will be getting his own spinoff show, focusing on Hopper’s life. It’s all too much to handle!

Credit: Daily Mail

While we love these little teasers, we just want some answers on S4. Please let it drop on Netflix in the summer!