Office Fans Are Going Wild Over This Deleted Cold Open

Hank in the cut cold open matrix
Credit: NBC

Millions of us were gutted to hear that The Office would be leaving Netflix. 2020 was already a terrible year, but knowing that our favorite sitcom was leaving the streaming service was just too much for us to handle. That is until the show moved to Peacock. All 9 seasons are now available on Peacock, with tons of added extras. The company has dropped interviews, behind-the-scenes and deleted scenes. And fans can’t get enough of this deleted cold open…

The five minute scene shows a deleted Jim prank that fans are saying should have stayed in the comedy! This time, Dunder Mifflin employees come together for the ultimate prank against Dwight. Jim, Pam, Hank and others come together to convince Dwight he is part of the Matrix. While there was a lot of effort put into the prank, it was sadly cut from the show. Gutted! Check it out below!

Dwight receives a message on his computer screen, which tells him to meet someone in the warehouse. We also get a glimpse of the work that Jim and Pam put into the prank, with Pam suggesting they spent hours training a black cat. Dwight is met with Hank, played by the late Hugh Dane. Hank channels his inner Morpheus, teaching Dwight about the true nature of reality. Just like the Matrix, Dwight is given the option to take a red or blue pill. And of course, Dwight picks the wrong pill!

Should it have stayed in the show?

While watching the security footage, Jim panics as Dwight picks the wrong pill, announcing that he is happy with his life as the new manager, spending his life with Angela. But Jim had other plans, as Dwight ruins the prank entirely. It was announced a few months ago that the matrix scene was pulled. Brian Baumgartner’s podcast discussed the finale, as it was revealed that the prank was pulled entirely. The Matrix scene would have been the last cold open of the entire season!

The scene ends with Jim having to save Dwight as the blue pill isn’t safe. The deleted cold open has already had millions of views, and fans are wishing they made the cut! Check out the new content Peacock has posted!