Parks and Rec is Coming to Netflix UK!

Parks and rec cast drinking
Credit: NBC

2021 is already starting off on a good note! While we was hoping normality would have resumed by now, millions of us are still being told to stay at home. And it feels like we binged every show known to man when the first lockdown occured. But not to worry. We now have a new series to binge on Netflix in the UK. The streaming service has just announced that Parks and Rec is coming in February!

Netflix has just announced on its official Twitter account that the comedy is heading to the platform in less than a month’s time! Parks and Rec remains a fan favourite, even years after the series ended. And now, Netflix users can binge it whenever they like!

Parks and Rec is described by IMDb as:

The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place.

Fans of the show in the UK have had to rely on Amazon Prime to watch the series. Either that or they would have gone old school with the boxset. But it seems Netflix are investing into more comedy projects in the United Kingdom. This comes as The Office has recently dropped on the service, with the mockumentary already storming the Top 10 chart not even a week after it has landed. And we are sure Parks and Rec will do the exact same. Both NBC comedies have a cult following. With The Office and Parks and Recreation available on Netflix, many users love for the sitcoms will sure be revived!

Parks and rec on a swing
Credit: NBC

This also comes in the same week as Nick Offerman, Parks and Rec alum, stars in the brand new Netflix Original History of Swear Words. Nicolas Cage, along with a number of celebrities, explores the origins of curse words. Offerman and Cage collaborating have already been described as ‘the unexpected team-up that you didn’t know you needed’. And now we can watch Offerman in Parks and Rec! Keep your eyes peeled for it dropping on Feb 1st!

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