Rumors Suggest Stranger Things Will Return August 2021

Hopper and mrs byers in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Now don’t get too excited. Season 4 of Stranger Things might not be dropping in summer. But there is a potential that fans don’t have too long to wait for the latest episodes. Season 3 feels like a distant memory, dropping way back in July 2019. While the delays are not the fault of Netflix, and instead the worldwide pandemic we are still dealing with, production still hasn’t ended. But one rumor has gone viral on the internet, leading millions to believe S4 could be on its way!

The online world went crazy over the weekend, as there was tons of speculation that fans will only have to wait a few months for Season 4 of Stranger Things to head to Netflix. The rumor suggested that the latest season will be released on August 21st, 2021, meaning fans don’t have very long to find out what truly happens to Hopper!

Do we finally have something to look forward to?

Fans have been left wondering if Season 4 will be returning in the summer, with many hoping the prediction is accurate! New episodes were back on track, with production starting a year ago. When the pandemic halted the world in March, it meant filming had to stop immediately. While this meant scripts changed (and according to many, for the better), it meant we had to wait much longer for the newest season.

Production restarted in September, which meant shooting was finally back on track. While the cast were spotted filming in Atlanta, sources suggest there is still some filming scheduled in New Mexico. These rumors have also been fuelled by none other than David Harbour. The actor suggested that fans should expect to see Stranger Things season 4 dropping on the streaming service by early 2021. While this is very unlikely to happen, could August be a realistic timeline?

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Credit: Netflix

So is Stranger Things back in August? Only time will tell…