The Best Never-Before-Seen Office Footage Peacock Has Released So Far

Dwight in his office
Credit: NBC

Fans of The Office have been obsessed with the little added extras that Peacock has offered since the series dropped at the start of the year. Netflix users were gutted to see their favorite sitcom leave the streaming service, with the announcement that Peacock would be the exclusive streamer of all things The Office. And they really didn’t disappoint! Peacock has been giving us some amazing never-before-seen footage of the mockumentary, from interviews to deleted scenes. Here are just some of the things they have released so far!

The Pilot

The first season of The Office is often forgotten about. With the show finding its feet, many fans usually skip the beginning episodes. But Peacock has given us an insight into making the very first episode of the series. It’s crazy to think The Office US was inspired by the British version, yet had a whole 9 seasons!

The Jello

The Jello prank is the first and most iconic prank to make the series. Jim’s very first prank, causing Dwight to lose it as per, is something fans continue to love. So to mark the occasion of The Office heading to Peacock, the company created a large replica of the prank, blowing it up with Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery in the action!

The best of the best…

This is where Peacock have really smashed it. The above 15 minute video shows some of the best never-before-seen extras. The video starts with Dwight and Michael offering a set tour of the Scranton Branch. The YouTube video continues with webisodes that many people are loving at the minute! Peacock have also offered a glimpse into other actors who didn’t make the cut, with Seth Rogan and others auditioning for certain roles in the show. The video also offers some of the best bloopers we have ever seen. Steve Carell really does make the show magical!

The Matrix…

Millions of us have already rushed to watch this! The cold open sadly didn’t make the cut, but this would have been the final cold open of the entire show! Of course, the writers intended for the most epic prank to take place in the final episode, as Jim and Pam work with the other employees to convince Dwight that he is in the Matrix. And Hank is just amazing!

The livestream…

And finally, we had to include the live stream that Peacock has created. For 24 hours of every single day, you can relax and listen to noises from the office! So not only has the streaming service offered a ton of never-before-seen content, but now we can listen to the sounds of Dunder Mifflin on repeat!