The Office Deleted Footage Shows Creed Living at Dunder Mifflin

Creed in the office
Credit: NBC

Creed is one of the most beloved characters on The Office. And what many fans can agree on, is that we just don’t see enough of him in the show. While Creed rarely appears in the sitcom, he has still remained a favorite by fans. Thankfully, we are getting an extra glimpse of Mr. Bratton, as Peacock has been releasing more never before seen footage from The Office!

2021 has seen our love for The Office revived, as all 9 seasons have headed to the streaming service Peacock. That and a TON of added extras, meaning fans are now seeing footage that had been deleted from the show! Fans have already binged some of the content Peacock has had to offer, with new extras coming each day. Peacocks Twitter account recently shared another deleted scene, featuring Creed living at the Scranton Branch!

We need more deleted clips!

David Wallace star Andy Buckley was one of many people that shared the clip of Creed living under Dunder Mifflin part-time. Dwight and Michael are discussing options if the branch is in trouble. Dwight offers his advice on cutting costs, suggesting that the company charge Creed rent because he is living there. That’s when it cuts to Creeds routine, as he has been living at the branch four days a week. Amazing!

While this is a deleted clip from the show, the concept still made it into the series in the nick of time! In the final episode, we see that Creed has faked his death. But little do the office know that he has been secretly living in the same walls that they have been working. Fans are loving which direction the show could have ended up in. Earlier seasons were intended to hint at Creed using Dunder Mifflin’s facilities, but it wasn’t until Season 9 that we understood his living cirmcumstances. We believe Creed should have his own show!

Creed's talking head
Credit: NBC

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