The Office Was 2020’s Most Streamed Show On ANY Platform

The office cast
Credit: NBC

It’s probably not news to many of you. Because many of you are part of the reason why The Office still storms the charts, years after the comedy left the air. The world didn’t have many options but to binge-watch every show known to man in 2020. Last year also saw Disney+, along with other streaming services, enter the market. With all these options, you would think people would be overwhelmed with the amount of choice. With all the chaos, it seems The Office was everyone’s comfort show. It has just been announced that the mockumentary was the most streamed series in 2020 on any platform!

The Office has remained a favorite in millions of households, despite new and exciting content heading to a number of platforms last year. With the terrible year we all endured, it seems The Office was a saving grace for a lot of us. Over 57 billion minutes were streamed in 2020 alone. We wonder how many times that means people skipped over Scotts Tots!

Michael talking to The Office
Credit: NBC

Check out who The Office smashed out of the park:

  1. The Office (57.1 billion minutes streamed)
  2. Grey’s Anatomy (39.4 billion minutes streamed)
  3. Criminal Minds (35.4 billion minutes streamed)
  4. Ozark (30.5 billion minutes streamed)
  5. NCIS (28.1 billion minutes streamed)
  6. Schitt’s Creek (23.8 billion minutes streamed)
  7. Supernatural (20.3 billion minutes streamed)
  8. Lucifer (19 billion minutes streamed)
  9. Shameless (18.2 billion minutes streamed)
  10. The Crown (16.3 billion minutes streamed)
  11. Tiger King (15.6 billion minutes streamed)
  12. New Girl (14.5 billion minutes streamed)
  13. The Mandalorian (14.5 billion minutes streamed)
  14. The Blacklist (14.5 billion minutes streamed)
  15. Vampire Diaries (14.1 billion minutes streamed)

Deadline announced that The Office stole the show, with Netflix proving to be the king of streaming services. 14 out of the 15 top shows were available on Netflix in 2020, as The Mandalorian is the only series to make the list from Disney+. This also means that other popular series, such as HBO Max’s Friends also didn’t make the cut. While millions of us admire The Office, many were shocked to see it beat the likes of shows such as Tiger King and Criminal Minds. We could watch Michael Scott all day!

The Dinner party scene in The Office
Credit: NBC