Disney+ to Overtake Netflix Subscriber Count by 2026

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Credit: Disney

No one ever expected Disney+ to become as popular as it has. But already the streaming platform has exceeded all expectations! A new report has suggested that if Disney Plus continues to grow as it has been, then the platform will surpass Netflix as the number one streaming service. In just five years, analysts predict that they will have more global subscribers than Netflix!

Digital TV Research has suggested that Disney Plus will have a global total of 294 million subscribers in 2026. This is 8 million more than Netflix is predicted to have in the same year, with 296 million subscribers. While Netflix has been around for many years, with a much larger catalog of content, it is believed that Disney Plus will surpass this in just a few year’s time. And that’s even with other competitors including HBO Max and Apple TV+!

Disney catalog
Credit: Disney

This news comes in the same week as Disney has announced that they have already hit a seriously epic goal in just 14 months. The company revealed that they have hit 94.9 million subscribers. This is a goal they intended to hit four years after they launched. They have now suggested that their new target will be to hit between 230-260 million subscribers by 2024.

But how will they reach this?

The streaming platform is only on the rise, as analyst experts suggest the platform’s success will be down to India. Disney Plus will have 98 million subscribers, while Netflix will only have 13 million from the country. Research also suggests that despite other competitors existing such as Amazon, Apple, and HBO, Disney and Netflix will be the only two companies to surpass 200 million subscribers.

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Credit: Netflix

Disney Plus recently announced that they would also be expanding their catalog of TV and movies, with brand new films and originals brought to the service. Popular shows such as Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy will be hitting the platform on February 23rd. Big things are happening!