Exclusive Details About Stranger Things S4 Has Been Revealed

Stranger Things 4
Credit: Netflix

While we wait forever and a day for Season 4 of Stranger Things to hit Netflix, we have been left to our own devices to work out what is going to happen next. Well Stranger Things fans, you don’t have to wait much longer, as a major hint has been dropped. A huge spoiler for an upcoming storyline has been circulating and it has us all excited!

Netflix has teased fans with new details, but it’s not as simple as it seems. A new Stranger Things phone number hints at Hopper’s Russian storyline. A select few fans have been sent packages by the streaming company, which includes a set of Russian dolls and a phone number. The package, which was made to look like it was sent from Russia, included Hawkins newspaper scraps and clues for the upcoming season…

The russian parcel
Credit: Instagram

If you ring 907-206-7700, you will hear this on the voicemail:

Hello, this is Yuri, of Yuri’s Fish and Fly. Would you like to book a trip with me and perhaps together we soar the Arctic with the fish and the polar bears? I’m sorry are you speaking, I cannot hear you because this is a pre-recorded message, you peanut brain. I got you. I got you good”.

The voice mail continues:

I must be very busy now, perhaps with a customer. Perhaps with my beautiful Katinka. But I’m pleased to book a trip for you another time for a good, fair price. Much more fair price than (unintelligible)… Just leave a number and I will call when less busy. Goodbye”.

Fans are quick to decipher what all of this could mean. Back when season 3 dropped, many people realized that Murray’s phone number was real, with a message hinting at Hopper’s whereabouts. And now the new number has pointed to another area entirely. Yuri is also a new character that will be introduced in the new episodes. The voicemails hint that Yuri might be able to smuggle someone in or out of Russia. As long as Hopper is safe, that’s all that matters!

Hopper in Russia
Credit: Netflix