The Office Pandemic Script Goes Viral

Dwight in a hazmat suit
Credit: NBC

Many of us office fans felt that it was a missed opportunity that the comedy couldn’t create an episode focused on the current pandemic. The Office ended in 2015, but it hasn’t stopped millions of us wanting more. Whether that be a reunion, a movie or a complete revival, fans are desperate for our favorite characters to return. And speaking of characters, many have wondered how people like Dwight and Michael would have dealt with coronavirus in The Office. And now, someone has created a full script!

Reddit is an amazing social media platform, where talented people post some of their best work. And they did not disappoint. Called ‘The Virus’, someone has created a whole episode based around how the characters would be dealing with the pandemic. Reddit users have been loving the script, especially as we can just imagine them saying it! Many have also commented on how brilliant the cold open is…

Jim sneezing on dwight
Credit: NBC
Check out the beginning of the episode’s script:

Michael: Ah! Ten o’clock on the dot! Every day, I swear to god, around this time exactly, someone shows up, walks to the door with a bag, takes a picture of the building, and leaves. What could he be up to…? Drug runner? Plotting a burglary, casing the joint, perhaps? […]

Jim’s talking head:

Jim: I ordered a late breakfast through a food delivery service once, and they have a policy to take a picture of the food when it’s left at the door. And for some reason, Michael was just mesmerized by it. I honestly can’t explain it. He couldn’t stop staring out the window. So, naturally, I began to do it more. And it generally keeps him distracted for at least half an hour. You’d think eating out for breakfast every day would be costing me a fortune, but during that time Michael’s kept distracted, I make more than enough in sales commission to make up for it. I might even start having my lunch delivered. Today’s breakfast is… (checks bag) Egg and cheese omelet.

The office reunion
Credit: YouTube

After last year’s reunion, now more than ever, fans want a proper reunion. Could this script spark something in the cast? We need to start a petition, people! Let’s get The Office cast to recreate the script!

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