This Website Will Help You Find Your Perfect Movie on Netflix

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Ever struggled to find a movie on Netflix after hours of scrolling through the catalog of content? Well, this new find could be about to solve all your problems. Movie Matcher could help you find a movie that is matched perfectly to what you’re in the mood for at the time!

With the world stuck at home with only a number of streaming services to choose from, it felt like we had all ‘completed’ Netflix’. Day in day out, many of us binged on movies and series from Netflix. We all felt like we had watched everything they had to offer. Research has found that during lockdown, one in three couples have been watching more movies together than before. One in ten couples spends more than 15 minutes endlessly scrolling through Netflix’s options. This proves quite an issue, with 30% of couples arguing about finding a film to watch. So what can you do to solve this?!

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Life has been made so much easier!

A new website called Movie Matcher has just launched which uses a clever algorithm to find you a film that you can enjoy with your other half. You can play with your partner or friend or ever a famous movie character. Users can then answer a few questions about what you like and dislike, choosing the kind of genre you are in the mood for. You will then be matched to a movie that meets your requirements. Finally, we can watch a film without the disagreements first!

The algorithm works by using IMDb data to find more obscure films for you to watch. It’s been a running joke for many years the finding a film to watch on Netflix has been a difficult task over the years. With Netflix pushing certain pieces of content, many movies fall through the cracks. This means there is a number of hidden gems to try. With more streaming services introduced to the market, with Disney+ and HBO Max storming the world, the choice is even harder still!

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