Matthew Modine Shows Interest in Returning to Stranger Things

Matthew Modine in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

While we wait for Season 4 of Stranger Things, it has left many of us pondering over what’s to come for new episodes. While there has been a ton of speculation, there haven’t been many of our questions answered. With the Netflix Original hopefully dropping this year, what could possibly happen?

One big question many people are wondering is whether Matthew Modine will be returning to Stranger Things. Many fans suspect that Dr. Martin Brenner will return at some point in the sci-fi series. Dr. Brenner worked for the Hawkins Lab, responsible for the chain of events that occur in Stranger Things, including experimenting on kids like Eleven. Oh and the reason for the Upside Down existing. And now, Modine’s recent comments have many suggesting whether he will be back in the future…

Season 1 leads us to believe that Dr. Brenner had died, with season 2 finally clearing up that he wasn’t killed in Hawkins Middle School. But that is where his storyline seems to end, as no further information is given regarding the character. With that being said, does this mean he is set to return? With the door open, could Season 4 see Modine return to the series?

In a recent interview, Modine commented on a possible return:

I’d love to be invited back. I really enjoyed working with [the show’s creators] Matt and Ross Duffer and the crew they assembled. It’s extraordinary how it took off and the heights it’s flown to. It’s a global phenomenon. I’m in a secret place, in a secret world, in a state I can’t tell you”.

Modine and Brown in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

So could this mean there’s potential for the evil doctor to return? More than likely we will see him return. With past seasons setting us up, especially as he hasn’t died similar to Hopper, Season 4 could be the time we see Matthew Modine back. What do you think?

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