Parks & Rec Theory Suggests The Casts Confessionals Are in the Character’s HEADS

Parks and recreation
Credit: NBC

Talking heads in shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation are what make them truly special. Some of the most hilarious moments are made up of a character chatting about their experience or how they feel about a certain event. With mockumentary-style comedies remaining a fan favorite across the world, discussions about a number of series are ongoing. Especially when we binge-watched everything due to the pandemic. One show that has been picked apart is Parks and Recreation. The show has recently headed to a number of new streaming services. This means a whole new audience has been introduced to the comedy. And while we love the confessionals, one fan has suggested a theory that has blown our minds!

A Reddit fan theory has suggested that the mockumentary aspect of Parks and Rec is like no other. They point out that there was never actually a documentary crew. And there could be a very good reason for that. Reddit user PrezCOVIDIOT proposes that this is because the show’s confessionals are actually all in the character’s heads. Excuse me?!

The mind-blowing theory suggests this:

“My theory is that the asides and confessionals only exist in the heads of the characters and are meant to inform the viewer of their thoughts, while the surrounding characters don’t actually see this happening. One slight drawback are confessionals that involve multiple characters, of which I can only think of one time with Ben and Leslie, but that was just them providing background on events that had already taken place (i.e. the high five over the sex they had that morning) and no new information shared between the characters, which could also be easily construed as a representation of both of their thoughts even if they’re not literally speaking them to each other in that moment”.

As fan’s of both NBC comedies will know, the finales of both The Office and Parks and Rec were very different. The Office ended with the documentary crew revealed (we all remember the Brian storyline don’t we). The characters come together to watch themselves in the documentary whereas this never happened in Parks and Rec. This further supports the Reddit theory that the talking heads were all in their heads!

Check out the rest of the theory here to see what other fans of the show thought. Many users point out a number of reasons why the confessionals could not have just been in their heads. But there has also been counter-evidence to support the theory. We’ve been living a lie!