You Can Now Get Your Hands On An Office Jello Prank Kit!

Credit: Jello Mold Prank

The first-ever prank on The Office is one that is hard to forget! While Season 1 isn’t everyone’s favorite, the first prank is pretty memorable. Taken from the UK version, Jim puts Dwight’s stapler in Jello. A joke Dwight doesn’t like being the butt of. Of course, Michael thinks it is hilarious, with Jim denying the whole thing. But the Jello prank has become a huge part of The Office’s identity! While you may want to recreate the prank yourself, it doesn’t seem as simple as it looks. So with April Fools Day coming up, what perfect time for a kit to have been created for people to recreate the famous prank…

To celebrate the show’s 16th year anniversary, JELL-O is releasing a kit for fans to get their hands on. And one lucky fan could even get their hands on a ton of prizes. The creators are offering one lucky fan the complete set, including JELL-O Gelatin and the mold, alongside a $60 gift card! Check it out here!

The stapler kit includes everything you need to accomplish the ultimate prank, with the jell-o being edible. So nothing is going to waste here people! Many Office fans argue that the Jell-O prank is most probably the most iconic of the whole comedy. While Asian Jim took the most effort, the first-ever prank has a place in many people’s hearts. We bet this is because it exposes how annoyed Dwight gets, which Jim pretends to be innocent as usual!

While the mockumentary ended in 2013, it hasn’t stopped us all from still being obsessed with the show. If the Jello kit isn’t for you, there is a ton of merch available. From books to games, we are sure there is plenty for you to get your hands on.