Aubrey Plaza Sheds More Light On Parks & Rec Plans

Credit: NBC

It’s something we desperately wish for a lot. Parks and Recreation ran for seven seasons, sadly ending in 2015. Last year, it was amazing to see our favorite gang reunited for a one-off special to raise money for a coronavirus charity. But this left us with a taste for wanting more. Whether it be a revival, a movie, a spin-off, it seems fans want it. And while Aubrey Plaza announced last year that there could be a potential Parks and Rec movie, we now have more information from the actress!

Plaza has recently spoken about the future of the comedy series, and it looks very hopeful! With millions hoping for the sitcom to return in some form, Plaza has said this could potentially happen soon. Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate, thinks that we could expect a movie. Let’s all get booked into the cinema!

Credit: NBC
When asked about Parks and Rec returning, Plaza told NME:

“Not that I know of. You never know what Mike Schur has up his sleeve, and I know there is such a culture now of rebooting things. So I would not be shocked if I got a phone call about it. But I would think it would be more like ‘Let’s make a movie’ because there’s just so many of us. I don’t think they could lock down Chris Pratt for seven years again. But I’ll never say never”.

While a revival might not be on the cards just yet due to filming schedules, Aubrey Plaza believes that a movie has huge potential! We have seen shows such as Will and Grace and Friends return to the screen in some form. And while Plaza believes the series itself may not return (although this could change), she thinks a movie will be how they all mark the occasion. This is so exciting!

Credit: NBC