Finn Wolfhard Suggests Stranger Things S4 Will Drop in 2022

Stranger Things fans believed 2021 would be the year Season 4 finally dropped on Netflix. And while rumors have circulated that the streaming service is working hard to bring us new episodes by the end of the year, according to Finn Wolfhard, plans seemed to have changed. While it’s been nearly two years since season 3, fans are now itching for a brand new season. But one actor from the sci-fi series has said we might have to wait a little longer…

Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler in the show has offered an update. And not a great one. Wolfhard believes that the new season won’t be coming as soon as we hoped. While production is still on track, it seems the delay in filming due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected things more than expected…

According to Stranger Things Spoilers, Finn Wolfhard said this:

“Season 4 should be out sometime next year. Hopefully. But it’s been really fun, yeah”. Oh no, another year feels so long!

Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin Henderson also supported this theory, suggesting:

“There’s very few dates that are reliable. It really is more of a guesstimation on when we’re gonna be filming next, when we’re gonna be wrapping up, when release is gonna be, all that jazz because we still don’t know on day-to-day if we’re gonna be filming next week. I should be filming like next month for a bigger chunk than I’ve had in a bit, but even though it’s coming up in about two weeks from now, I still don’t know an exact date. So because of that, there’s really no way to figure out when we’re gonna be wrapping”.

It seems that the Stranger Things production team hoped the show would return this year. But with restrictions adding to the further delay, it could be another whole year before we all binge-watch season 4 of Stranger Things.