Netflix Launches ‘Play Something’ Worldwide

Credit: Netflix

Choosing something to watch on Netflix has always been a difficult task. While we are grateful for the plethora of choice the streaming service offers, it proves a little overwhelming. It’s even a common internet joke that most users end up falling asleep before they’ve even decided what to watch on Netflix. But this new tool could soon be about to change things!

Netflix has this week officially launched a feature that will make it easier to find something to watch on the platform. ‘Play Something’ has dropped worldwide, choosing the content for you when you are seriously struggling to choose what to watch. It seems the test was pretty successful then!

Credit: Netflix

Play Something has finally landed!

We reported last year that the company was testing a shuffle feature, to help those who find it hard to decide what to sit down and binge. And now Play Something has stemmed from that, as Netflix will play another series or movie based on your interests and viewing behavior. This clears up the idea that Netflix will play something completely random. Many users shunned the tool as they thought the tool was completely random. But the service will instead highlight a movie or show that you may have been watching in the past, something from your list, or a personalized selection based on what you already like. Very cool.

If you are wanting to test out the new option, the feature should appear on your Netflix TV app. Play Something will soon be rolled out on mobile, so keep an eye out for that. It also seems that the tool has been introduced to bring back viewership. While Netflix remains the biggest streaming platform, competition from Disney has seen Netflix’s subscriber growth slow down. What do we think, will a randomizer button change things?

Credit: Netflix