Steve Carell Bought The Whole Cast Rolex’s When Leaving The Office

Michael leaving The Office
Credit: NBC

It was an extremely emotional time watching Steve Carell leave The Office. The world’s greatest boss Michael Scott said goodbye to his colleagues in Season 7. And while Carell left back in 2011, it still feels fresh every time we rewatch one of the saddest episodes of the sitcom. In recent times, we are learning new and exciting facts about the show. From The Office Ladies podcast to talks of a possible reunion, the cast and crew are revealing information surrounding the comedy series. And we are so shocked to find out this about Steve Carell!

If we didn’t love Carell already, this news has made us adore him even more. To mark his departure from the show, there was no expense spared for the actor. It has been divulged that the comedy actor actually bought everyone Rolex’s as goodbye gifts!

Credit: NBC
Oscar Nunez, Kate Flannery and Greg Daniels told Yahoo this:

“When Steve left The Office, he gave everybody a Rolex watch” Flannery told Yahoo. “I still wear it. It reminds of me that amazing experience”.

While talking about the ‘unofficial finale’, they revealed that Carell leaving was extremely emotional. And while the actor left Dunder Mifflin behind, he gifted the cast with something very memorable.

Nunez also admits that while he kept the watch, he didn’t take the scarecrow Michael makes:

“I left it at the office. I took a belt and some shoes, I think”. He continues ” I didn’t have anything like that on my desk, except for a real picture of myself and my dog, which I took with me because I brought those with me”. He also suggests that Carell leaving marked the show being over. Who would agree?

Credit: NBC

Daniels recalls “The hardest part was just saying to the actors, ‘This is a comedy show, you can’t cry in every scene with Steve”. If we find it hard to watch, can you imagine how hard it would have been to film!