The Office Superfan Episodes Are Dropping on Peacock

Credit: NBC

As many of you will know, millions of us felt devastated when the news dropped that The Office would be leaving Netflix. And while it was only moving over to Peacock, fans were unsure whether the big move would be worth another streaming commitment. Peacock proved themselves in the first month of 2021, with tons of deleted scenes and never-before-seen cold opens. And now more exciting news for lovers of The Office, as Superfan Episodes have now dropped!

Monday, 26th April 2021 marked National Pretzel Day, Stanley Hudson’s favorite day of the year. And to mark the occasion, Peacock gave us a taste of the Superfan episodes they have to offer. The Superfan Episodes include more than any fan could ever way. Interviews, bloopers, featurettes, deleted scenes and never-before-seen clips are all included. This just makes us want the show to return!

Credit: Peacock

Superfan Episodes are just what we need!

The Season 3 episode ‘Initiaion’ sees a vendor turn up at Dunder Mifflin, offering some soft pretzels with toppings. Each year, the employees at the building can enjoy a complimentary pretzel. That is as long as they wait in line (which can be a very long time). One of the most iconic scenes of the show sees Michael and Stanley waiting in line, bonding over their love for Pretzels, making sure no one cuts in. What a great day to celebrate Pretzel Day, The Office, and Peacock’s amazing service!

The risky move to Peacock has proven very successful it seems. In 2020, The Office was declared as the most binged show of the year. So it was a major shock to see Netflix give the show up to another streaming giant. Statistics have suggested that 57 billion minutes of The Office have been enjoyed, with the show proving to be a huge hit on Peacock as fans consume more content from the popular comedy series.