Why Rob Lowe Left Parks and Recreation

Credit: NBC

It was sad to see Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones leave before Parks and Recreation closed their doors for the final time. If we weren’t gutted enough that the sitcom ended in 2015, watching some of our favorite characters depart earlier was just too much to handle. For some time, fans have questioned why the actors left before the final hurdle. And it seems some light has been shed…

Before the final season aired, Rob Lowe, who played Chris Traeger, left the show, along with Rashida Jones who played Ann Perkins. The two said their goodbyes halfway through Season 6. Their storyline saw their move to Michigan after starting their family. Megafans have always wondered why they left though. Similar to Steve Carell leaving The Office in Season 7, tons of questions arose when Lowe left Parks and Rec. The odd rumor circulated because of the shock departure, with monetary suspicions spreading. But here’s why he really left…

Credit: NBC
Here’s what Mike Schur (the creator of P&R) said:

“We had the idea creatively to sort of move in that direction and it totally dovetailed and aligned with what the two actors envisioned for themselves in their careers. The more we talked about it, the more it felt like, maybe this was the way that (Lowe and Jones) get moved off in the next phase of their lives”.

While it was believed Lowe left the show to cut costs, the actor left on amazing terms with the producers. So much so, that both Lowe and Jones returned to the reunion show. In 2020, the Parks and Recreation cast filmed a one-off special to raise money for a coronavirus charity. The episode included all the main cast from the series. The pair are still deemed an incredibly important part of the show despite missing the last season. Who else is ready for another reunion/revival? According to Aubrey Plaza, this could be a possibility!

Credit: NBC