Parks & Rec Beats The Office in Rolling Stones Top TV Sitcom List

The office with Parks and Rec
Credit: NBC

It has been an ongoing battle for quite some years. NBC giants The Office and Parks and Recreation have millions of fans around the world. But there has always been a debate on which sitcom is better. Well, a new Rolling Stones article has described their Top 100 sitcoms, and it seems Parks and Rec has come out on top!

While both mockumentaries did pretty well in the list, Parks and Recreation beat The Office by a fair bit. While The Office ranked number 23 on the list, Parks and Rec managed to enter the top 10, hitting number 9 of the top 100. What do you think?!

Credit: NBC

Rolling Stone said this:

“Originally born from NBC’s desire for an Office spinoff, Parks almost immediately became something different — and better. In the first few episodes, Amy Poehler’s civil servant Leslie Knope seemed like a naive cousin to Michael Scott, but Parks creators (and Office alums) Greg Daniels and Michael Schur quickly realized that other characters should react to Leslie’s boundless enthusiasm with awe instead of irritation, and that made all the difference. The warmth provided by Leslie’s relationships with her co-workers and friends makes Parks endlessly rewatchable, even before you get to all the belly laughs provided by one of the deepest sitcom ensembles ever”.

Many believe Parks and Recreation learnt from The Office, which is why it may have been that bit better. With both co-creators (Michael Schur and greg Daniels) working on The Office and Parks and Rec, it makes sense why both have a similar fanbase. But according to Rolling Stone, it made P&R that little bit better. It’s also crazy to think that Amy Poehler, alongisde other cast mates, were meant to appear in The Office instead!

The Office
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Wondering what other shows made the list. Check out the full list here.

Here’s what shocked us the most on The Rolling Stones list:
  1. The Simpsons

22. South Park

28. Malcolm in the Middle

30. The Office UK

38. Friends

43. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

52. I’m Alan Partridge

76. New Girl

84. Modern Family