The Father of Jan’s Baby Has Finally Been Revealed!

Credit: NBC

We’ve been wanting to know for quite some time who the real father of Jan’s baby was. While the show played into the idea that it could have possibly been Kevin’s child, it was never actually revealed. The Office Ladies Podcast, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, has now disclosed the identity of Jan’s baby and we are shocked!

While Michael’s heart was broken to find out Jan was pregnant but not with his baby, the show led us to believe that it may have been another employee from Dunder Mifflin. With Jan admitting that she visited a sperm bank, all eyes are on Kevin, as it seems he also visited the sperm bank next to IHOP. Fans are left in the dark for the rest of the series. That is until now. Are you ready for this?!

Credit: NBC

Fischer and Kinsey revealed that Astrid Levinson’s father is actually the professional tennis player and huge office fan Andy Roddick. Yes that’s right. A celebrity knocked up Jan in the show. Our jaws are on the floor!

Kinsey explains on the podcast:

“Jenna in the script — and it didn’t make it to the deleted scenes — Jan reveals whose sperm she bought. Jan says: ‘You have to pay top dollar, but it’s worth it. Now, here’s the best part. I got Andy Roddick’s sperm. Jan looks to Michael like she’s expecting him to be very impressed. And Michael says, ‘The tennis player?’ And Jan says, ‘Well, it’s a little more than that. He’s the sixth-ranked player in the world and he’s won four grand slams.’ And Michael says, ‘That’s a lot of grand slams, I guess.’ And Jan says, ‘And he’s a humanitarian — something with orphans.’ And Michael is quiet and Jan goes, ‘Michael?’ And Michael says, ‘Can I just sit here for a minute without more things coming into my head?'”.

Andy Roddick
Credit: Bleacher Report

Fisher then explains Roddick’s connection to the show:

“Andy Roddick was friends with Rainn Wilson, and he was a big fan of The Office and he came by the set. I have to imagine that the reason they wrote it as being Andy Roddick’s sperm was a little bit of a nod to Andy, who has an amazing sense of humor. Me and Lee (Fischer’s husband) got to know Andy and Brooklyn (Decker) through our love of tennis. We would go watch Andy play tennis and sit with Brooklyn, and oh my gosh, I am so sad for his sake that this did not stay in the episode”.

So there you have it! Because Roddick was such a huge fan of The Office, they decided to write him into the series. What do you think? Should it have stayed in the show or was it better thinking it could have been Kevin and Jan’s child?