Season 2 of Space Force Has Begun Filming

Steve carell in Space Force
Credit: Netflix

Controversial Netflix series Space Force is finally coming back for a second season, as it has been reported that the cast is back filming for new episodes! Greg Daniels, who worked on smash hits The Office and Parks and Recreation rocket-launched Space Force, alongside Amazon Prime’s Upload. And while Upload received applause from viewers and critics alike, there were a number of mixed reviews for the space series. While everyone stayed at home, Space Force seemed a great series to binge on. Hitting number 1 in the charts, this caused the streaming company to invest in another series. And finally, Carell and the gang are back filming!

The Netflix parady follows Carell, who plays General Naird, as he and his crew of characters attempt to prove this brand of armed services is worth the time and money. But not all is as it seems. General Naird is also facing some personal issues. His wife, played by Lisa Kudrow, is in prison for a crime the audience is still yet to learn. Featuring a host of amazing actors, including John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz, many fans had high hopes for the Netflix Original. With Greg Daniels and Steve Carell back making magic, many had hopes it would as good as NBC’s The Office. But Space Force was hit with a number of issues along the way…

IMDb said this:

“The series was inspired by President Trump’s announced plan to separate the Air Force Space Command into its own branch called the US Space Force to counteract China and Russia. Steve Carell told Stephen Colbert that the entire project simply started with a phone call from Greg Daniels asking if he wanted to do a TV comedy series called “Space Force.” Carell immediately agreed, without knowing any other details, because to them, the real-life name and concept seemed inherently, comically absurd”.

There was a ton of uncertainty on whether there would be another season. But we finally have the answers we need, and there will be. We just hope some of our questions are answered – because what was that cliffhanger ending!

Space force season 1
Credit: Netflix