The Office Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

Credit: NBC

We all have our favorites from NBC comedy The Office. Some people provide us with endless amounts of laughs. And some characters we aren’t too crazy about. While you may not agree with our opinion, here is our list of office characters ranked from worst to best!

18. Ryan

The bottom of the list, we don’t know many people who think Ryan brought much to the office. And frankly, we are confused why Michael was so obsessed with him. Let’s be serious, Ryan was not good at his job. While in the earlier seasons he had more to prove as a temp, the whole ‘wupfh’ episode is painful. God knows how he convinced half the office to invest. Oh, and let’s not forget the way he treats Kelly. Toxicity at its finest. 

17. Kelly

And that is why Kelly also makes the bottom of the list. She spends the majority of her time gossiping, and we rarely get to see what she actually brings to Dunder Mifflin. It seems Kelly’s role is to offer relationship problems. No wonder they forget her birthday, she’s a pain in the ass!

16. Stanley

Yes, Stanley does have loveable qualities. But how does everyone look past his adulterous activities? Throughout the whole series, we watch a grown man get away with murder, whether that be slacking off work, or managing to juggle two women while working a full-time job. We didn’t want to put him so low on the list, but Stanley has rarely any funny moments. Except for having a heart attack in the best episode ever of course. 

15. Toby

Look, he doesn’t deserve the hate that Michael gives him. But boy, does it provide some of the best moments in the show. Some of Michael’s best one-liners come from insulting Toby. And while he is a little too harsh, we can see why Michael doesn’t like him. He’s a little on the boring side, while also coming across creepy when it comes to Pam. Could do better Toby!

14. Phyllis

While someone watching the show for the first time would guess that Phyllis takes a motherly role, she does far from that. Phyllis rarely plays much of a part, until we see a pretty evil side to her when she finds out Angela is having an affair. While we aren’t defending Angela cheating on Andy, did she really have to announce it like that! 

13. Meredith

Oh Meredith, it’s not easy being the office drunk, is it. While her chaotic personality is sometimes too much to handle at times, she provides some stellar entertainment. And HR would not have as much of a role if it wasn’t for her. From inappropriate attire on casual Friday to being hit by Michael’s car, her careless attitude is something to admire – even if it does cause some arguments. 

12. Gabe

While Gabe doesn’t join Dunder Mifflin until the later seasons, his impact is pretty great. Mr. Lewis does receive some hate, but we think he’s a great addition to the show. Always playing Devil’s Advocate, Gabe never wants to offend anyone, but somehow manages to every time. Let’s not forget the cookie monster impression! 

11. Andy

If you are a big fan of The Office, then you know how hard it is to watch such a great character slowly become the villain of the season. While Andy has some irritating tendencies from the very beginning, it’s fun to watch him in earlier seasons (like creating a million different ways to call Jim ‘Tuna’ or dueling with Dwight). But it all goes terribly wrong when Andy becomes manager in Season 8. His back and forth with Erin becomes annoying. And don’t even get us started when he leaves to set sail for months on end. His character could have ended so much greater!

10. Oscar

There isn’t too much to say about Oscar. His logical thinking could be his best and worst characteristic. While Oscar always wants the best for the Scranton branch, he can ruin the fun for everyone. It seems Oscar enjoys being the bearer of bad news, but we must applaud the way he dealt with the Angela and Robert situation. Was it wrong that he was meeting up with the senator behind her back? Yes. But was he desperate to spare Angela’s feelings and redeems himself by homing Angela when her life turns upside down? Absolutely.

9. Angela

While it was tempting to put Angela as one of the worst characters in the show, we have to admit, she sticks to her morals – and we like that. Yes, Angela can be moody, super-opinionated and downright judgy most of the time. Her inability to make a decision when it comes to Dwight is frustrating, especially as he adores her. But then he did kill Sprinkles so we understand her part. By the end of The Office, a more loving side of Angela shines through thankfully. 

8. Erin

Out of all the office characters, Erin has to be one of the wackiest. Her heart is always in the right place, and while she is incredibly ditzy (like throwing the disposable camera away), you can always be sure she tries her best. Erin brings a lot of relationship drama to the office, but we can’t blame her for ending things with Andy after the way he treats her. And her relationship with Michael is one of the most wholesome things to ever appear on TV.

7. Jim

Are you shocked Jim hasn’t made the top 3? The prankster has a ton of redeemable characteristics. His back and forth relationship with Dwight is what truly carries the show. And we can’t forget how much we rooted for Jim the first time we watched the show, as we are team Jim and Pam always. But once Jim gets into a relationship with Pam, his character seems to change. His lack of effort in the office can be a little disappointing, as he also struggles to have empathy for other people’s situations. When it comes to Jim, if it doesn’t affect him directly, he doesn’t really care. So while he is loveable and provides a lot of laughs, he lets himself down with his lack of emotion to others. 

6. Darryl

In our opinion, Darryl is a pretty underrated character. He always had the most patience when it comes to testing people a.k.a Andy. We got to watch his journey on the show, starting in the warehouse, then making his way up to the office floor when Jo is impressed by his ideas. And not forgetting he takes a leap of faith with Jim. When he leaves at the end of season 9, it provides such a wholesome moment of the show – everyone was dying to give him the send-off he deserved. Darryl, you only lose a few points because you were friends with Roy. 

5. Pam

We see a lot of Pam hate, and we always struggle to see why. There are some parts of The Office where we wish we could give her a good talking to. Staying with Roy being one of them. But her heart is always in the right place. And in our opinion, there is no one that deals with Michael better. Her relationship with Jim is amazing to watch (minus Season 9), and she is one of the only characters that has meaningful friendships with several members of The Office. 

4. Kevin

We don’t really have a bad word to say about Kevin. He truly is one of the loveliest characters of any comedy. A lot of people give him a hard time, but Kevin never lets anyone’s opinion get him down. Is he an incredible employee? Not exactly, but his determination is what makes him such a great guy. We only wish we could have seen more of Kevin’s love life.

3. Creed

Oh Creed, we really wish you wouldn’t have been a background character. For us, Creed has some of the best moments in the show. Not only does he expose himself for being a criminal more than once (murder and fraud just to count two). There is a part of us that feels incredibly sorry for Creed. Like why does he need 3 chairs? And that he will eat anything because he seems hard up for cash. Not forgetting how genuinely wholesome it is so see how happy Creed is when he does a cartwheel. We only wish he appeared more frequently.

2. Dwight

We spent a lot of time torn over putting Dwight at the number one spot or not. And in our mind, it is technically a draw. Because we truly love Dwight. His passion and drive are what captivates us so much. Not only is he an incredible employee to Dunder Mifflin, but it’s also amazing to watch him put his all into Schrute Farms as well. What he lacks in social skills he makes up for with love, as we see so many glimpses of how much he cares for the people around him. Angela, Michael, and Pam are just some of the people he only wants the best for. And if Dwight didn’t win you over with Kevin’s sumo comment, then we don’t know what will.

1. Michael

We could go on for hours about how much Steve Carell’s depiction of Michael Scott is beyond perfect. This is not us saying that the branch manager doesn’t have any flows. Because boy, Mr. Scott is the furthest thing from perfect. But it’s his unlikeable qualities that somehow make him charming, and dare we say it, loveable and incredibly relatable. Just to name a few things we love about Michael – he always wants his employees to have fun and doesn’t just focus on numbers, he strives to make friendships with everyone, he loves with all his heart (Jan didn’t deserve it but we’re so glad him and Holly made it work). Not to mention how unintentionally hilarious he is. Because let’s be serious here, when Michael left, The Office was not the same. He really was the essential ingredient of the show.