‘Diversity Day’ Removed from Certain Platforms

Dwight, pam and michael in diversity day
Credit: NBC

Another episode has faced controversy recently, causing certain streaming platforms to rethink what is aired. The Office, which ran from 2005 to 2013, has a huge cult-following, with millions adoring the mockumentary. But everyone can agree, certain jokes can push boundaries, with Ricky Gervais even saying that it wouldn’t be able to be made today. With this being said, a debate has continued on what people believe should be cut from the comedy. And it seems Diversity Day is the latest episode that has been taken out of rotation…

The IMDb synopsis says:

When Michael imitates a Chris Rock comedy routine, many people in the office are offended, prompting corporate to send in a sensitivity worker to give the Scranton office a diversity training day. When Michael is dissatisfied with the training, he creates his own diversity course (“Diversity Tomorrow”). Meanwhile, Jim loses one of his big commissions for the year.

Michael in diversity day
Credit: NBC

Could Netflix follow suit?

Comedy Central has decided to remove Diversity Day from its schedule. This means fans can no longer watch the controversial the episode. This follows a similar decision made in 2020. A scene in Dwight Christmas was cut from the episode by Netflix and NBC. Peacock, Netflix, Prime Video etc. have not yet decided whether to remove Diversity Day from the series. But the platforms will more than likely follow suit after the controversy it has faced in recent months. The second episode of the first season has become an iconic episode for office fans, but it may be cut altogether after Comedy Central’s decision.

In recent times, a number of sitcoms have seen episodes and scenes cut altogether. From Seinfeld to South Park, with certain content felt to be inappropriate, harsh decision have been made to no longer air them anymore. Fans have taken to Twitter, with mixed opinions on Diversity Day cut from TV. One person tweeted: “It was only a matter of time. Just wait until they get to the episode where Michael dons an Afro wig to mock Darryl. There will no doubt be riots”. While another wrote: “You know the world is coming to an end when they start canceling episodes of the office. It truly is the only thing holding me together at this point”.

Diversity Day
Credit: NBC