The Office’s Stanley Becomes Most Used GIF of 2021

Stanley from The Office
Credit: NBC

We can’t lie – most of us communicate only through GIF’s to our friends and family. Sometimes, words can’t express how we feel. So what better to use the animated memes? With 2021 proving to be another terrible year, GIF’s captured some of our moods perfectly.

It’s no surprise that comedy series The Office made the list for most used GIF’s of 2021. With a plethora of hilarious moments, it only seemed right that one of the characters would make the list. And it seems Stanley reflected just how everyone felt this year. His expression sums up our disappointment. Just as we thought things were looking up for 2021, it was just as horrific as 2020!

It has been viewed how many times?!

This GIF alone has been viewed a tremendous amount of times. According to GIPHY, this particular GIF of Stanley has been viewed over 668 million times as of writing the article! That’s crazy! We just can’t believe Michael didn’t make the cut. From the manager finding out Toby had returned to the classic fire drill scene, we must say that Michael also sums out the mood of this year.

The Office wasn’t the only television GIF shared by the masses in 2021. With streaming service Disney+ adored by millions, it would make sense for a couple of GIF’s to hit the top charts for this year. Wandavision was the first Marvel series to hit the platform – and you may remember one GIF being shared by the masses. This one in particular has been viewed 415 million times so far!

We are still waiting for Uncle Stan to drop…

Fans are still waiting to know what is happening with Stanley’s new show Uncle Stan. It was announced last year that The Office was getting a reboot of some sorts, as Stanley would have his own show, seeing what the grumpy employee got up to after the film crew left in 2013.