Another Never-Before-Seen Office Cold Open Is Here!

Michael and pam in the office
Credit: Peacock

Cold opens make up the essence of what makes The Office truly great. So when a brand new one drops, it’s all us fans can talk about! Since The Office left Netflix, we’ve been wanting Peacock to prove why it was better for the comedy series to move streaming services. And now it seems they have shown us why the move was great, as they have gradually gave us a sneak peak into what was deleted from the show.

Check out the cold open below!

As you can see from the video posted by Peacock’s Twitter account, the cold open is a classic Michael moment. One of many that is included in the show! The clip shows Michael explaining to the office how he dropped his phone down the toilet – and of course Dwight tries to come to his rescue! But not only does his phone drop down the toilet, but nearly all his belongings! Another running joke in The Office is how the regional manager always jumbles his words up. And on this occasion, he calls his bluetooth device ‘gluetooth’!

The video continues, with more hilarious moments we wish would have stayed! Michael drops in his tip calculator, along with his keys, with Michael pointing out that the keys were thrown in ‘out of anger’. This is where we then get to see Kevin secretly snigger, while Phyllis can’t hide how funny she finds it. Which brings us to the amazing quote ‘this is not toilet humor, this is toilet tragedy’. Just amazing.

Michael in the office
Credit: Peacock

Of course, the cold open wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Scott inventing something to solve his ‘problem’. And not forgetting Creed’s talking head, something fans wanted more of in the series. Do you agree, should they have kept this in?

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