How Well Do You Know The B99 Pilot?

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Credit: Fox

On many occasions, the pilot episode of any show is usually forgotten. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has one of the best pilots of a comedy show, with characters remaining near identical to this day. But how well do you remember that very first episode? Test your knowledge with this quiz. If you can boss this quiz, then you are VERY observant!

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  • Question of

    Whats the bear called with the hidden camera?

    A man stood in a warehouse
    • Fluffy
    • Fuzzy
    • Cuddles
    • Snuggles
  • Question of

    What score is Santiago on in comparison to Jake’s arrests?

    A man sat down while looking up to a woman
    • 17
    • 19
    • 22
    • 25
  • Question of

    What concert does Boyle want to take Rosa to?

    People working in a police office
    • Beyonce
    • Lady Gaga
    • Taylor Swift
    • Rihanna
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    What does Scully supposedly buy for Rosa for Secret Santa?

    People talking in an office
    • A scarf
    • A pen
    • A handbag
    • Socks
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    How much is the ham worth that the suspect steals?

    Police officers pointing their guns in a warehouse
    • $4000
    • $5000
    • $6000
    • $7000
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    How long does Boyle say he is constipated for after his uncles funeral?

    A man looking away with police tape
    • 2 days
    • 3 days
    • 4 days
    • 5 days
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    What ice cream flavor does Jake bring back to Holt?

    Police officers sat in a car
    • Strawberry
    • Hazelnut
    • Pistachio
    • Chocolate
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    What apartment does the old man live at while Amy and Jake are knocking door to door?

    A man and woman stood outside someones door
    • 3E
    • 4C
    • 5F
    • 6D
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    What does Rosa say Boyle’s shirt looks like?

    Two people using a fire extinguisher
    • Vomit
    • Puke
    • Barf
    • Mucus
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    What does Boyle drop on the floor causing him to bump his head?

    3 people messing about in an office
    • An egg
    • A sandwich
    • An apple
    • A muffin