Quiz: American Horror Story Quiz For Super Fans

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    In what part of the school did Tate carry out the murders in Murder House?

    Tate American Horror Story
    • The Cafeteria
    • The Library
    • The Gym
    • The Science Lab
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    What are the names of the twins in Freakshow?

    Twins American Horror Story
    • Bella and Dot
    • Anette and Dot
    • Bette and Dot
    • Anna and Dot
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    Which celebrity made a short cameo in ‘Asylum’ after losing an arm in the first episode?

    Asylum American Horror Story
    • Adam Levine
    • Jared Leto
    • Robert Pattinson
    • John Karinski
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    How does the countess lose her fortune in ‘Hotel’?

    Countess American Horror Story
    • Robbed
    • A Ponzi Scheme
    • Hotel Maintenance
    • Irrational spending
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    What American actor appeared as a magician in ‘Freakshow’?

    Freakshow American Horror Story
    • Jason Segel
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Neil Patrick Harris
    • Jason Bateman
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    What fictional city is ‘Cult’ set in?

    Cult American Horror Story
    • Brookfield Heights
    • Brookfield Springs
    • Westfield Heights
    • Westfield Springs
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    Which of the following is one of Ally’s fears in ‘Cult’?

    Ally American Horror Story
    • Arachnophobia
    • Aquaphobia
    • Coulrophobia
    • Acrophobia
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    Which character appears in both Coven and Hotel?

    Coven American Horror Story
    • Marcy
    • Kyle
    • Misty
    • Queenie
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    What does Chef Bertie save Xavier from in ‘1984’?

    Xavier American Horror Story
    • Being boiled alive
    • Being burned alive on a BBQ
    • Being cooked in an oven
    • Being hit by a car
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    Why was Kit Walker sent to the Briarcliff Manor in ‘Asylum’?

    Kit Walker American Horror Story
    • Because his wife was black
    • He claimed he had been abducted by aliens
    • He was accused of murder
    • It was though that he had gone mad