QUIZ: Are You A Jim Or A Jake?

Jim Halbert and Jake Peralta
Credit: NBC

The two characters could be said to be very similar in their hit comedies. But do not be mistaken, they deal with things very differently. But are you Jim or Jake?

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  • Question of

    You are trying to impress your crush. What would you do?

    • Become friends first then see where it takes you
    • Just come out and tell them you fancy them
    • Ignore them entirely – they do say ignorance is bliss…
    • Make not so subtle hints
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    Your friend says they want to leave their partner. What advice do you give?

    • Tell them there’s plenty more fish in the sea
    • Ask them why they are coming to you for advice – just dump them already
    • Make a joke about they won’t find another person to love
    • Push for reasons why they think is isn’t working – surely they can figure something out
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    You’re going against one of your friends for a promotion – what do you do?

    • Let them take the spot – they are the best man for the job
    • Do anything in your power to get that promotion – even if my friend is sabotaged
    • Compete healthily and see what happens
    • Tell your boss it’s you that deserves it
  • Question of

    It’s date night and it’s your choice to pick the location – where do you go?

    • Head straight to the bar for some drinks and karaoke
    • Go for a drive and talk about life
    • Have a romantic meal and watch a film at the cinema
    • Make a picnic and find a nice spot in the park
  • Question of

    How would your co-workers describe you?

    • The Joker
    • The Reliable One
    • The Creative One
    • The Diplomatic One
  • Question of

    Where do you like to hang out in your free time?

    • Avoiding anyone by staying at home
    • Anything that’s active
    • Free time – what’s that?
    • Watching my favourite team play
  • Question of

    You’re in a long term relationship with your favourite person. What’s the next steps to consider?

    • Having babies
    • Travelling round the world
    • Focus more on business ventures
    • Move into a bigger house
  • Question of

    You are caught up in a very awkward situation. What’s your initial reaction?

    • Make a sarcastic comment, of course
    • Try and resolve it with a sing-song
    • Just sit in silence and let the situation pass
    • Change the topic entirely
  • Question of

    You have been told the business you work for is going bust. What do you do?

    • Cry first, think later
    • Try and make the best of a bad situation – you never know where it may take you
    • Kick off at work – it isn’t fair after all your hard work
    • It’s ok because I was thinking of moving jobs anyway…
  • Question of

    You are at a house party. What are you up to?

    • Standing in the corner avoiding all human interaction
    • Drinking and sharing the shots
    • It isn’t a party without a dance off
    • Telling people all about my life story

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