QUIZ: Can You Finish The Amy Santiago Quote?

Amy Santiago from B99
Credit: NBC; FOX

Everybody loved adorable Amy, as Jake is a lucky man getting to spend time with Santiago! But do you think you could finish some of her memorable lines from B99? Take our quiz to see!

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  • Question of

    He heard that I speak Spanish, and he made me fire his housekeeper. She was…

    Amy and rosa in b99
    • Italian
    • French
    • Russian
    • Polish
  • Question of

    The only celebrity I’ve ever seen in real life was Paul Shaffer…

    Amy from b99
    • I got excited and screamed in his face.
    • It was exhilarating.
    • I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    • He was trying to get out of a parking ticket.
  • Question of

    All right, someone’s gotta go out there and kill that feathery bastard. Rosa, you’re always looking for an excuse…

    Rosa and Amy from b99
    • to take your anger out.
    • to hurt something or someone.
    • to behead something.
    • to legally murder.
  • Question of

    High ceilings, three bedrooms. Why does every perp…

    Amy and jake from b99
    • have a nicer apartment than me?
    • have more money than me?
    • have an eye for interior design?
    • live in luxury?
  • Question of

    The nearest pen store is seven blocks away, and it doesn’t open until 9:00 a.m…

    Amy from b99
    • It only take four minutes if you run.
    • It’s like they don’t understand what a pen emergency is.
    • I learned that the hard way.
    • They could at least open earlier.
  • Question of

    Sir, it’s a seminar that’s too boring for me…

    Amy from b99
    • I never thought this day would come.
    • This has never happened before.
    • So something is very wrong.
    • I’m saying no to a seminar.
  • Question of

    I once gave my aunt a jaywalking ticket and…

    Amy in b99
    • I’ve not really spoken to her since.
    • things really deteriorated between us.
    • she shouted at me infront of everyone.
    • since then, family dinners have been awkward.
  • Question of

    Look, it’s okay. We all have fears. I’m so claustrophobic, I can’t even go into the downstairs supply closet. I hear they have some hot new binder clips…

    Amy from b99
    • it’s so unfair.
    • but even that temptation won’t work.
    • but I’ll never know.
    • Jake, you will have to grab them for me.
  • Question of

    My parents arrange the photos of their kids by who makes them the proudest. Number one goes on the mantel above the fireplace, two through four on the piano, and the rest are…

    Amy and jake from b99
    • on the staircase.
    • in the cupboard.
    • next to the fridge.
    • near the toilet.
  • Question of

    Captain Holt? This can’t be real. Someone please see him before…

    Amy from b99
    • I lose my mind.
    • I burst into tears.
    • I have a heart attack.
    • I punch myself in the face.