QUIZ: Can You Finish The Angela Martin Quote?

Angela looking distressed
Credit: NBC

Angela Martin’s journey is one of the best from The Office. While she always remains pretty cold-hearted, there’s one person that warms her up (slightly). Angela has some very memorable moments in the show, but can you remember some of her best quotes? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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  • Question of

    I don’t want to blame anyone in particular…

    • all I know is that it wasn’t me.
    • that’s not really my style.
    • but this is definitely Michael’s fault.
    • I think everyone’s to blame.
  • Question of

    I am having a child with my husband, the Senator. And Pam is having a child with Jim…

    • the great salesman.
    • the office bully.
    • the class clown.
    • the village idiot.
  • Question of

    Look, I hate to be “that” person but I just don’t like…

    • food from any other country.
    • the general spirit of music.
    • people under the age of 8.
    • the people I work with.
  • Question of

    The dream team…

    • and Meredith.
    • and Kevin.
    • and Phyllis.
    • and Creed.
  • Question of

    I find the mystery genre disgusting…

    • I much prefer romance.
    • I just don’t like thrillers.
    • I hate being titillated.
    • I just want to go home.
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    You may ask me out to dinner. Nothing fancy or foreign. No bars, no patios, no vegetables…

    • And especially no ‘home-style’ food.
    • And no seafood.
    • And I can’t stand anywhere where you don’t eat with a knife and fork.
    • And definitely nothing spicy.
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    I wasn’t going to dignify this discussion by getting involved, and I don’t even get the discussion. Hot is a temperature, people. But Kevin deserves to lose for what he said. So, yes… She’s hot. She’s hot as heck. She’s a female…

    • Boris Becker.
    • George Clooney.
    • Clint Eastwood.
    • Prince Charles.
  • Question of

    Niagara Falls? Pregnant? That was your dream?

    • Hot roast?
    • Finger food?
    • Chicken thighs?
    • Pork medallions?
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    You’re so educated, aren’t you Toby? So trained to deal with a hysterical woman. I don’t want to look at his feet…

    • Do something about it!
    • Do your job!
    • It’s disgusting!
    • It’s making me feel sick!
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    I know that patience and loyalty are good and virtuous traits, but sometimes I just think…

    • there isn’t enough hours in the day for that.
    • you need to get on with things.
    • you need to grow a pair.
    • there’s more to life than that.