QUIZ: Can You Finish The Captain Holt Quote?

Captain holt
Credit: NBC; FOX

The sassiest captain to ever exist. Captain Holt is the clue that keeps the precinct together – Brooklyn Nine-Nine would not be the same without him. But can you finish some oh his famous lines from the show? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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  • Question of

    Fun? I was never fun…

    Captain holt
    • What an incorrect assumption.
    • Your assumption is wrong.
    • You take that back.
    • How dare you.
  • Question of

    There was a small fire in my home. I lost many photo albums of treasured memories…

    Holt talking to amy
    • I’m devastated.
    • I’m heartbroken.
    • It’s a tragedy.
    • Other than that my weekend was fine.
  • Question of

    I’ve been asked to deliver a toast here after the funeral, a message of hope. This is what I have so far…

    Captain holt
    • “Sorry for your loss”.
    • “Pain!” That’s it.
    • “I feel sad”, how’s that?
    • “Let’s make a toast”.
  • Question of

    I only lie when someone’s safety is at risk. Or if a juvenile aged eight years or younger asks about…

    Holt, charles and jake from b99
    • Death.
    • Superman.
    • The tooth fairy.
    • Santa Claus.
  • Question of

    He was a great partner. Smart, loyal. Homophobic but not racist…

    Captain holt
    • I was still working on the homophobic part.
    • In those days that was pretty good.
    • You can’t ask for everything.
    • All in all, a great guy.
  • Question of

    Madeline. I wondered why all the birds had suddenly stopped singing…

    Holt and wuntch from b99
    • Your presence is always felt.
    • Now it makes sense.
    • What brings you here?
    • It’s because the witch is back.
  • Question of

    Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that it’s best not to have…

    Captain holt
    • hopes.
    • dreams.
    • expectations.
    • goals.
  • Question of

    I know they say it’s not good to have a TV in the bedroom…

    holt and terry in b99
    • We just read instead.
    • But I don’t listen to that nonsense.
    • How am I going to watch Sex and the City?
    • Which is why I don’t.
  • Question of

    I went to Barbados with my husband. We wove hats out of palm fronds and swam with the stingrays…

    Holt shrugging his shoulders
    • It doesn’t get better than that.
    • I’ve never been happier.
    • I had the time of my life.
    • It was the most amazing experience.
  • Question of

    “A bold personality.” We know what that’s code for:

    holt, rosa and terry from b99
    • she’s a living nightmare.
    • she’s extremely annoying.
    • she’s a bitch.
    • stay away from her.