QUIZ: Can You Finish The Dwight Schrute Quote?

Dwight screaming on top of the table
Credit: NBC

Most people would agree that, along with Michael Scott, Dwight carried The Office, making it one of the funniest shows ever! His wacky ways will never be forgotten. But while his actions are incredibly memorable, can you remember some of his lines? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

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  • Question of

    My perfect Valentine’s Day? I’m at home, three cell phones in front of me, fielding desperate calls from people who want to buy one of the 50 restaurant reservations I made over…

    Dwight and michael
    • four months ago.
    • five months ago.
    • six months ago.
    • seven months ago.
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    Michael and I have a very special connection. He’s like Batman, I’m like Robin. He’s like the Lone Ranger and I’m like Tonto. And it’s not like there was the Lone Ranger and Tonto and…

    Dwight from the office
    • Monto.
    • Bonto.
    • Honto.
    • Conto.
  • Question of

    I don’t care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am…

    Dwight and jim in the office
    • 96% sure.
    • 97% sure
    • 98% sure.
    • 99% sure.
  • Question of

    I signed up for Second Life about a year ago. Back then my life was so great that I literally wanted a second one. In my second life, I was also a paper salesman, and I was also named Dwight. Absolutely everything was the same, except I…

    Dwight and angela at their wedding
    • could fly.
    • was invisible.
    • could teleport.
    • had super-strength.
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    My first day of school, I had lice, and no one would play with me. For 15 years, they called me freak and four eyes and sci-fi nerd and girl puncher. All because I had lice when I was…

    Dwight from the office
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
  • Question of

    The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. It makes the funerals very romantic, but the weddings…

    dwight from the office
    • are terrible.
    • are a bleak affair.
    • are a little unusual.
    • aren’t the best.
  • Question of

    In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear…

    Dwight and kevin
    • Remember that.
    • Fact.
    • Merry Christmas.
    • Happy Holidays.
  • Question of

    The principle is sound. To avoid illness, expose yourself to germs, enabling your immune system to develop antibodies. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. Maybe they have something against…

    Dwight and michael in the office
    • being immortal.
    • building up their body’s defenses.
    • reaching the age of 100.
    • living forever.
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    I have no feeling in my fingers or penis…

    Dwight pam and jim
    • But I think it was worth it.
    • That’s usually something I suffer with.
    • I think I might be unable to reproduce.
    • I’ll give it a couple of hours before I feel again.
  • Question of

    I love escorting people. In fact, a few years back, I put an ad in the paper starting an escort service. I got a lot of responses. Mostly creeps…

    Dwight and his schrute buck
    • Mose ended up taking over.
    • There was also some pretty nice guys.
    • Made a few friends.
    • Good job I’m a deputy sheriff.