QUIZ: Can You Finish The Pam Beesly Quote?

Pam answering the phone in The Office
Credit: NBC

Everyone’s favorite receptionist, Pam Beesly is the character we all love in The Office for many reasons. Except how long it took her to get with Jim! But could you finish some of her famous one-liners? Take our quiz to see how well you know Pam!

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  • Question of

    Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. Intel has told us there were at least…

    Pam and Angela in the office
    • six
    • seven
    • eight
    • nine
  • Question of

    Once a year, they bring in a little cart, and they give away free pretzels. It’s really not a big deal…

    Pam talking to the camera
    • But it brightens everyones day.
    • Michael usually goes missing for a few hours.
    • Stanley loves it though.
    • To some people it is.
  • Question of

    There are a few people I decided not to invite, and that might make things kind of awkward, but it’s my wedding. And I don’t want anyone there who has called me…

    Pam at her wedding
    • a hussy
    • Pammy and her pam pams
    • the office bitch
    • the slutty receptionist
  • Question of

    It’s weird. Jan used to treat Michael like he was a 10-year old. But lately it’s like he’s…

    Pam and michael in the office
    • four
    • five
    • six
    • seven
  • Question of

    I am at a crucial point where I have sunk four hours into that copier. And I am not gonna let it beat me like that…

    Pam crying to dwight in the office
    • lighting system did.
    • fax machine did.
    • new office chair did.
    • wireless router did.
  • Question of

    Roy and I just got back from the Poconos. I get 10 vacation days a year and I try to hold off taking them for as long as possible. And this year I got to the…

    Pam and jim at Dwight's wedding
    • third week in January
    • fourth week in January
    • second week in February
    • first week in March
  • Question of

    The unfair thing about working in sales is that your salary is almost all commission. So, you suck at sales, you make almost no money…

    Jim and Pam having a baby together
    • I’m not doing very well
    • I guess that’s fair
    • God job I have Jim
    • I should have stayed a receptionist
  • Question of

    It might seem crazy, but since there’s no one left in New York, Michael is Dunder Mifflin’s highest ranking employee…

    Michael and pam talking in the office
    • I’m really not sure how that happened.
    • Yes, you heard me right.
    • Who would have thought.
    • So, that’s where we are.
  • Question of

    The warehouse got a ping-pong table last week. Now Jim comes down and plays with Darryl. Sometimes, I bring him juice. My boyfriend is…

    Pam and jim talking in the office
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
    • 12
  • Question of

    When Michael’s skirting a phone call, he gave me a list of places to say he is. “Stopping a fight in the parking lot.” “An Obama fashion show.” Whatever that is. Or “Trapped in an oil painting.”…

    Pam smiling at Jim in the office
    • I don’t know how he comes up with them.
    • Or something medical.
    • I’m gonna save that one.
    • That one is my favorite.